Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thrifty Halloween Costumes

My family had a little Halloween get-together this year. And because we all enjoy a good competition, we decided to have a costume contest.  To make it more challenging, the rules were as follows: No more than one item on your costume could be purchased new.  The rest of the supplies had to be scavenged, recycled, or purchased at a thrift store.  The results of the competition were very creative, thrifty, and fun!  I am featuring four of the ideas below.

Bucket List Costume
****Supplies Used****
Safari/Animal Print Dress ($6 from thrift store)
2 Hula Hoops ($1 each from dollar store)
Tomato Cage or heavy wire
Poster Board/Heavy Paper
Pictures or Magazine Cut-Outs
String or Ribbon
****Make It!****
This costume was made by securing two hula hoops together (one at the top of the "bucket" and one at the bottom). The hula hoops were secured together using the heavy metal wire from an old tomato cage that was cut apart.  Once the frame was constructed, it was covered with heavy brown butcher paper.  Cover the paper with picture of the places you want to visit and the things you want to experience in life. Tie string or ribbon around the hula hoops to create shoulder straps so the costume can slip on and off.

Fish Tank Costume
****Supplies Used****
Large Box
Black Duct Tape ($2.15 from Walmart)
Scrapbook Paper
Fishing Line
Crinkle Paper in Color of Choice
String or Ribbon
Blue Paint
Blue Shirt
****Make It!****
The cardboard box was cut to create the shape of the fish tank (see the pictures above for example).  The back of the box was painted to create the blue backdrop.  The top, bottom, sides, and edges of the box were covered in black duct tape to give it a shiny look (you could use black paint instead, if you prefer).  Crinkle paper was glued to the bottom of the tank to mimic colorful aquarium rocks.  The fish were drawn on scrapbook paper, colored, and cut out.  They were suspended using fishing line taped to the inside top of the box.  Shoulder straps were created by punching holes in the top of the box and running string through it.  Finish the look with a blue shirt and swim goggles.

Squirrel Costume
****Supplies Used****
Old Fur Coat ($10 from thrift store)
Furry Boots ($10 from thrift store)
Brown Pillowcase
Brown Leggings
Sewing Supplies
Old Magazines or Butcher Paper
Furry Hat with Ears ($12 from Walmart)
****Make It!****
To make the squirrel costume, a pillowcase was cut to allow arm holes and a head hole. For the tail, a pattern was drawn (freehand) on poster board and cut out.  The pattern was then traced twice onto an old fur coat and the pieces were cut out and machine sewn together, leaving the base of the tail open. The tail was then stuffed with crumpled magazine pages and butcher paper.  The tail was then hand stitched onto the pillowcase.  Arm straps can be made using ribbon to secure the upper part of the tail (the yellow arm straps in the picture were re-purposed from a pair of bumblebee wings from an old costume).  Finish off the outfit with a pair of ears which can be made out of remnant fabric from the fur coat and attached to a headband, or you can purchase a furry hat if you are short on time.  Finish the look with a burlap bag filled with peanuts!

"Wilson" Costume
****Supplies Used****
Cardboard Boxes
Fishing Hat
Flannel Shirt ($6.38 from thrift store)
Khaki Pants
Black Sharpie Marker
Bailing Twine
****Make It!****
Cardboard boxes were cut down to create the "fence" pieces and the pieces were glued together.  Sharpie was used to create the wood grain pattern.  The shoulder straps were made out of bailing twine and taped to the back of the fence (I told you we hold things together around here with bailing twine and bubblegum!).  Finish the look with khaki pants, a flannel shirt, and a fishing hat.  You will be ready to say "Howdy, Neighbor!" in no time!

I hope you enjoy these thrifty Halloween looks, and I hope they get your creative juices flowing!

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